Information has been considered as a fundamental constituent of the universe on a par with matter-energy, the missing link between matter and mind for a human agent, and the link between the outer and the inner world of all cognizing agents, be it living organisms, cognitive machines (robots) or programs (softbots). Traditionally, information has been understood as something that pertains only to human beings. However, the increased knowledge about the cognitive processes in all living beings, as well as the development of cognitive functions in machines leads to increased awareness of the central role of information in the natural and social world, especially when it comes to control and interaction.

The International Society for Information Studies (IS4SI) was founded as a new organisation for trans-disciplinary, global research to support scientists, research institutions, practitioners and society at large worldwide in their efforts to investigate and harness information for the good of humanity. Only through the dialog between disciplines and embracing the necessity of complementary views on complex problems of contemporary global society can we hope for the best use of our best knowledge.

In the information age, concepts of information impact almost all fields of study, so that IS4SI also aims to support all those who need to use results of information studies for their specific applications, through the dissemination of research results across the disciplinary borders of variety of communities.

In this way IS4SI wants to enable the integration of the field and orient it towards the future, both based on technology and on the critical assessment on its social aspects.