DIGITALISATION FOR A SUSTAINABLE SOCIETY Embodied, Embedded, Networked, Empowered through Information, Computation & Cognition!

Each meeting of the International Society for Information Studies addresses a specific complex of issues, as we are trying to orient focus of variety of communities under umbrella of the society, towards a common theme and try to discuss and exchange thoughts across disciplinary borders. The previous meeting in Vienna in 2015 went under the […]

The digital revolution and society’s needs


In the light of an envisioned Internet of Things and Ambient Intelligence the concepts of the Factory of the Future of the eighties of the last century have been overhauled. Industry 4.0 is the new buzzword. It depicts the kernel of current digitalisation programmes in a globalising world. The next summit of the International Society […]

Of interest for PhD students and Postdocs – competition for two travel awards, sponsored by the Entropy journal


Journal Entropy (ISSN 1099-4300),is opening of a competition for two travel awards. The travel awards will be granted to a postdoctoral fellow or PhD student who will attend an international conference in 2017. If you have PhD students or post-docs in your lab that you think could benefit from this grant, please forward this email along! Please […]

Welcome to IS4SI-2017


The IS4SI summit 2017 in Gothenburg continues the series of biannual conferences of the International Society for Information Studies that was constituted in Beijing in 2010 conference, and continued in Moscow conference in 2013. The 2015 summit was hosted by Vienna University of Technology, while the next 2019 summit is planned at the University of […]

“Homo informaticus” at Hanns Seidel Stiftung in Munich

IS4SI 2017

BCSSS Fellow Felix Tretter who organised the “homo informaticus” track on the last Summit is to give the introductory talk at the Akademie für Politik und Zeitgeschehen of the Bavarian Hanns Seidel Stiftung. The experts talks on 15 March 2016 are held under the same label. They address the Janus-faced Information and Communication Technologies of our time […]

Systems of Systems at emcsr avantgarde

The ISIS Special Interest Group “Emergent Systems, Information and Society” will have its second meeting in the framework of the BCSSS emcsr avantgarde. The international group which is a joint group together with the Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science and the Leibniz Sozietät der Wissenschaften will organise a satellite workshop on “Systems […]

FutureVision?! Which life do we want? Vienna, 30 March – 1 April, 2016


The International Society for Information Studies is Co-Organiser of the emcsr avantgarde 2016 in Vienna. Vienna, March 30th to April 1 st This event focuses primarily on the promotion of young scientists. The broad field of information studies is included in the list of possible topics. The Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science […]

In search of quality of life – Gunilla Bradley’s invited speech to download

Gunilla Bradley from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm has prepared her Summit 2015 keynote for the interested public. “What is it all about?”, you might ask with her. Her answer is: “Our responsibility for the next generation and the planet…” She develops a vision of the good ICT society. And she is optimistic […]

Theoria cum praxi et bonum commune: a colloquium of the Leibniz-Sozietät


The Leibniz-Sozietät der Wissenschaften zu Berlin e.V. (LS) invites the group “Emergent Systems, Information and Society” to present itself at a one-day colloquium of their two classes (Natur- und Technikwissenschaften; Sozial- und Geisteswissenschaften). That group was founded at the Summit 2015 as joint endeavour of the Arbeitskreis of the LS, the Research Group of the BCSSS and the Special Interest Group (SIG) of […]

Computation as information processing: The Turing machine model and natural computation

  Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic, the new President of IS4SI, will visit Vienna and participate in her role as Vice-Dean for doctoral education at the Department of Applied Information Technology at Chalmers University, Gothenburg, in the Workshop for Deans, Department Chairs and Research Directors at the 11th European Computer Science Summit (ECSS 2015). Besides that meeting, she will present at the Austrian Computer Society […]