This panel focuses desirable and urgent actions on various levels that contribute to what could be called a good and sustainable ICT society/Digital society. What action(s) can prevent the main risks and promote the good opportunities for people and for the society as a whole? Actions are discussed from the participants´ various academic backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. Input from the audience is most welcome – both reflections/actions concerning the daily life in the digital society and the broader issues dealing with e. g. complexity, power.

Moderator: Gunilla Bradley, Professor Em. Royal Institute of Technology. TITLE: Short about “The Good Information and Communication Society – from theory to actions”. (Routledge 2017, book release June).

Åse Victorin, Physician and Researcher, Specialist in Child and Youth Medicine and General Medicine, University Hospital Lund, Professional copywriter & writer. TITLE: Digital time – is it affecting brain development in children? Actions for a good balance between digital time and time IRL”.

Darek Haftor, Professor in Informatics, Linnaeus University, Director of the Gunilla Bradley Centre for Digital Business, Linnaeus University. TITLE: “Different dimensions of sustainability – in search of balance for the good ICT society”.
Olle Häggström, Professor in Mathematical Statistics at Chalmers. Author with recently the book “Here Be Dragons: Science, Technology and the Future of Humanity” (Oxford University Press, 2016). TITLE: “What kind of thinking and actions will work in the long run for a good ICT society?”.